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From music video to corporate video production, we can prep, shoot and edit the perfect video for your digital media marketing needs!



Enjoy the last Hollywood blockbuster? Of course you did. Whilst film and video can sometime appear to be expensive and unreachable, it needn’t be. It’s within your reach and you’re able to bottle magic with the best of them. Creative ideo production from an agency like ours, allows YOU to tell compelling stories and to impart dense information in a compressed, engaging form.


Corporate video isn’t harangued by pernickety advertisements or other commercial restraints. Instead of competing for those ever-augmented, nay crippling television or radio fees, share your message with your own, bespoke product.


Want to inject some entertainment into your on-site induction video, loop a video in your foyer or communicate your businesses ethos in an interesting way? Set to host a swanky event? Why not commission an independent promotional video?


Chunky Wombat Media can help. We appreciate great story telling and we love producing films. We’d love to sink our teeth into another commercial video project, so let us adapt your story into a movie and make you, or your company, the star.



From the hairdo-highs of the 80’s, to the viral takeovers via Myspace and YouTube in the 00’s, the music video remains one of the most advantageous ways of delivering your band to a waiting audience.

Today’s garage band guitar-heroes can maintain their independence as a cornucopia of resources are afforded via social media, streaming sites and internet radio.

Added to the wealth of affordable, nigh-on professional audio and recording equipment within reach, the need for the multimillion-pound recording studio, and an attendant, over-bearing record label, has gone.

A video isn’t just advantageous for the artist. Brands can capitalize too. Integrating your product with a song riding high on the Top 40 or going viral on social media can boost your brands perception and segue into an unexpected revenue stream.

In our experience at Chunky Wombat Media, music videos have been both tremendous fun, and the most publicly-accessible product to produce.

We love music videos, from pop to metal. They’re striking, daft, or sometimes even touching, and we’d be keen to discuss making more.




Check out out latest video for Triverse Massacre!


These days, marketing is becoming less of what you make, and more of what story you tell.

With an abundance of social media and other web platforms featuring video, it’s so very easy to add an extra boost to your online presence.

As of 2017, Red Bull has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube. And the first video to reach a million views was an advert for Nike.

Advertisers are embracing the new norm, that viewers are watching as much online video as they do television, and that most viewed brand videos are on average between 31 – 60 seconds long.

Whatever your promotional need or if you want to discuss a private commission, Chunky Wombat Media can craft a film tailored to your exacting requirements.

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