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If you’ve ever been cowed by the megalomaniacal presence of a director, or fallen for the dulcet, velvet tones of a particular actor, you may be surprised at just who really wields the power of story-telling in film-making (the Editor!). 

From those of us at that wear, ironically, a, ‘We’ll Fix It in Post’ t-shirt, to the others that suffer from a Vitamin-D deficiency, Chunky Wombat Media, between us, have many thousands of hours of edited video footage. 

Regardless of the duration, regardless of its purpose or use, a film should follow a certain structure, communicate a coherent message, and provide a pleasant viewing experience.  

Whilst a ‘how-to’ video might not need the frenzied ratio of cuts proffered by that rapscallion Michael Bay, a few simple, common tweaks can easily be added, resulting in a more easily-understood, cinematic style work.  

We understand, truly, that editing can consume huge chunks of your time. Let us do the graft instead.