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If you’ve got it, people will share it. Social Media is the only real-time way of connecting with almost anyone, almost anywhere, on the face of the planet. 


Whilst nobody should expect to accumulate as many YouTube subscribers as our dear PewDiePie (56 million plus at last count), you shouldn’t underestimate the potential reach.  


YouTube alone garners over 3 billion hours of watched video each month, and over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Most of those viewers are aged 18 to 49, and own at least one mobile electronic device.


They also watch YouTube more than any one single cable network or broadcast television channel. If you want to express your opinions with an immense audience, or keep your customers abreast of new products, software updates, or much more, consider a blog or adding video to your existing social media accounts.  


Chunky Wombat Media can help with your script, to tidy up your grammar, or help you to pin down the themes and tones you wish to communicate. We can film your blog, mentor your process, advise on audio equipment or edit your footage!