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The overwhelming opportunities that social media can bring a business can be troublesome. You can often fail to see the digital wood because of the graphically-designed trees.  


Should one tweet? Would it be a faux-pas to end an email with a smiley-face Emoji? What plays better with your customers, the flower crown adorning the head of the CEO or the screen-licking dog?  


Chunky Wombat Media can offer a professionally-managed service of your social-media account.  


We can maintain the page or pages, across multiple sites and platforms, we can upload only the content you approve and, with us at the helm, both you and your company can retain a professional distance (we’re looking at you President D. Trump!).  


If you are finding yourself adrift upon the oft-stormy, ever-growing swell of the social-media ocean, allow us to throw you a life ring.


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