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Whilst Chunky Wombat Media can offer you aid in managing your social media presence, we also recognise those with the desire or need to keep that management in-house. 


Social media is an ever-burgeoning beast. It’s enormous, powerful, but also deeply, extraordinarily hungry.  


Many are online, posting content, liking, or commenting. We’re able to sate the appetite, quell its anger for now, but understanding how to properly utilise the resources that the myriad of sites offer, will calm and morph the beast into a yappy, obedient little puppy.  


Whilst neither Facebook nor YouTube would be old enough to yet drink, we’re sure the complexities of such sites have driven you to a drink…, or three. 


From tweets to filters, how to upload video, the differences between a DM and a poke, AdSense to the legalities of communicating online, we can provide you with a friendly, uncomplicated course led by our shaggiest wombat.



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