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Despite what you may have heard, print is not dead.


Printed material retains an air of credibility. And nor does it rely on the dwindling battery life of your smart phone. In this age of swiping your finger left, the tactile pleasure of handling a book or magazine is not to be dismissed as easily as someone on Tinder.  


The printed word can be far more informative than those snippets given via a radio or television advertisement. A small company can affordably communicate multiple and precise details via a flyer, a leaflet, or even print a more comprehensive brochure.  


Printed materials have a longer shelf-life too. Whilst the large corporations vie for the increasingly expensive electronic media slots, flyers, leaflets and brochures are tucked into pockets, pinned to work-place notice boards, read, left on a taxi seat, and read again. 


Chunky Wombat Media can fabricate enchanting products that will push your goods, your service or your brand. 


We can supply you with different weights of paper, different print finishes, with textures, quantities or sizes to match whatever you desire. 

Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration!