Banners & Exhibition Display Stands

Are you exhibiting at a trade show in Cumbria or beyond and require banners in a hurry? Have you got to get a set of pop-ups to show off your brand and services you offer? In or around Carlisle? Us wombats can do that for you.

Both pop-up (pull-up) and the more traditional banners, are a cinch to assemble and affix, are affordable and remarkably portable. As some of you more smarty-pant readers may have noted, these very practical display banners can pop-up almost anywhere. You can site one by a pedestrian bootle-neck or wrap one around your booth.

Whether it be wrapped around your booth at a business events or sited by a bottle-neck on a small patch of carpet in a hotel foyer, your business needs something that catches the eye and turns peoples heads. 

If you’ve managed to bag an exhibition stand at a trade show we can also dress that from head to toe in your branded signage. Or if you wish to make use of a large horizontal space, a fence, barrier or similar, why not have us print you a purpose-built display banner?

Do you want something quirky? Or prefer a little more restraint? For whatever you can imagine, contact Chunky Wombat Media today.

Pub signage at the Robin Hood, Smithfield. New branding on a swing sign in Northern Cumbria
Large Banner style sign on the front of Robin Hood pub in Cumbria
Small banner style door signage at Com-For-T Street Eats at Atlas Works in Carlisle - Just downstairs from the Wombats!

Signage Design

Do you own the building from which your business operates? Great. Now, have you taken advantage of the freebie that comes with it, on-premises advertising space? Shame on you.


Regardless of whether you run a high-street bakery or a country pub, your foot and vehicular traffic are bound to take note of a bold, clean, well-crafted and designed sign.


Great signage equates to great advertising. Advertising that will pay for itself many times over. 


A shop sign for instance, even a simple one, can be a powerful and sophisticated marketing tool. Given the right attention to sign design it will work for you all day (and if it’s digital, online) perhaps all of the night. It communicates to your customer base who, where and what you are.


Perhaps more importantly, your signage often provides your customer with their first impression of your brand, so it needs to communicate what your brand is all about.


Chunky Wombat Media are one of the few Cumbrian based signage companies who have got the mileage, the creativity and the experience of many different media forms to turn your sign design into a work of communicative art that can punche viewers right in their metaphorical eye with your message. We can help you to imagine and create anything from functional but funky health and safety signage, fire or exit signs with a fresh contemporary apperance, to digital signage and vehicle signs. Whether your brand prefers a more elegant, classical style, or pure funk with function, the wombats are here waiting in Carlisle for you!


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